It has been my job to think and problem solve digitally on day-to-day basis since 1997. I have a knack for translating techno-jargon into human speak and vice versa. I understand how people congregate and behave online and am good at translating offline initiatives and messages into digital opportunities. I am creative and passionate but believe in the importance of assessment and measurement. I believe in the strength and authenticity of organic creativity and that it can be leveraged in support of intentional strategy.

I do what is generically referred to as any of the following buzzwords currently on the street:
  • Digital strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Engagement strategy
  • Content strategy
So, strategy. I help people think through stuff. Mostly as it pertains to digital, but really any time there are lots of moving pieces. Here are some of the challenges I help clients with:
  • Everyone tells us we should be on X, Y and Z platform, but we don't know where to start.
  • We know there are better ways to articulate the depth and breadth of what we do, but we're too close to it all to come up with a good strategy.
  • We know digital is important, but we're not quite sure how it fits into our organizational structure in a responsible way.
  • We've been trying all of these things but we're not sure how to tell which ones are working, it's time to focus and prioritize.
  • We innately understand that X new opportunity is the future for us, but we don't have the in-house expertise to guide us through implementation.
  • We're in the process of choosing a firm/developer/designer to build our site/app/new product but we're not sure we know all the questions to ask
And so on. 

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