Thursday, January 16, 2014

KSDK causes Kirkwood High School lockdown [But we will be talking about so much more]

The story is still unfolding, but I can already hear the aftermath of today's Twitter-splosion surrounding KSDK Channel 5's "accidental" triggering of a complete lockdown at Kirkwood High School.

Here are 10 of the things I predict coming out of this:
  1. National attention. Again. 
  2. A meme of some sort (which may or may not be hilarious). [hilarious]
  3. A conversation about how the struggling news industry causes reporters to "go too far."
  4. Somehow, the blame will be on "The Social Media" or "The Internets"
  5. A marvel at the role "The Social Media" or "The Internets" played in the story
  6. The nonchalant behavior that went on during the lockdown - "As seen on Social Media"
  7. Glee from the other news stations in the form of endless coverage
  8. A call for the end of sweeps and the entire Nielson ratings system. Ok, that will never happen, but I can dream, can't I?
  9. #latergram-like missives from the news outlets that said nothing as it broke, and what that means in 2014.
  10. Some likely amazing fallout/reactions to however KSDK ultimately responds to this [first pass].
And I have to note, NONE of this is funny. I can't imagine thinking, for any amount of time, that my kids or anyone I cared about was in a building where there might be a bomb or a gunman. Regardless of blame or the real scenario, KSDK has now connected itself, solidly, with that feeling of fear for a countless number of people. Happy Sweeps. 

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marcelbrown said...

It would seem now that the fault wasn't so much on KSDK, but rather the school for overreacting after their security procedures failed miserably. Let's see how this plays out.