Thursday, August 1, 2013

Humans of New York raises 7K in 15 minutes [Ok, now he's just showing off]

Those following along at home know that the New York-based photoblog and virtual community Humans of New York is a rockstar at crowd funding and my musings on why. But for those new to the discussion here's a primer:

Here's my summation of the core of why it happens:
"Real communities and real relationships have immeasurable value. They are built, not bought, and consistently delivering an honest, interesting and genuine product is a surefire way to build them. And if you've built them honestly, they will gladly and swiftly activate on issues in line with the health and survival of the community."
And now I would add "genuine whim" to the list of things on which to activate the community. Because yesterday, he approached the ridiculous (in the most beautiful way):

He met a kid in the park. He learned his story (he was obsessed with horses and selling cowboy-themed items to raise money toward buying a horse). He decided to help the kid's dream come true. He figured out a realistic way to achieve said dream. He threw up an Indiegogo campaign. He raised 7K in 15 minutes. 

Seven thousand dollars in fifteen minutes for a total stranger from total strangers who are also total strangers with the original total stranger. 

As of this writing, the campaign is just shy of 30K with 15 hours to go. The excess money is designated to go to a New York City-based organization dedicated to providing riding lessons for children with disabilities.

If anything can make it clear that at the core this is about community, relationships, consistency and transparency, this demonstration does it. Because, really. Really. 

PS: This demonstration also supports my opinion that if your core community and ask is right, the perks matter NOT.