Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Clean slate [This just in: Every day is a new day]

I am as appreciative as the next person for the huge collective and symbolic turning-of-the-page available to one and all with the ringing in of a new year. There's nothing more concrete than throwing away a calendar chock full of the past 12 months and putting up something fresh, new and ready for anything. I get it.

The past year for me - or, for a ton of people, if my Facebook feed is any indication - has been about working to take ownership of my world. Or maybe more accurately, take responsibility for how I choose to react to all the things in the world over which I have no control. And put out as much functional and positive energy as I can muster. And take advantage of every opportunity for growth that comes my way. So as we participate in the ritual of a new year, I find myself thinking about why we need such a large collective symbol in order to express this much enthusiasm for a new day.

Because, really, shouldn't every day be greeting with such promise?

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Curtis said...

I send positive energy your way. Every day.