Sunday, February 12, 2012

Humanity's Whitney Houston problem [Things that make so little sense they make my head hurt]

So, here's the thing that keeps going through my head:

Whitney Houston clearly had a serious serious problem or series of serious problems all stacked on top of each other.  We put her on TV and the cover of magazines, making millions of dollars off of her series of problems. Which, don't be mistaken, is not my main point and is what it is, because "we" wouldn't have exploited her problems if "we" weren't watching/buying said exploitation - supply and demand.

The knot in my brain is around these questions:

1) Was as much energy spent on trying to get her help as was spent on her problems? [Not something any of us not in Whitney's inner circle can answer]

2) How far gone do you have to be to have all the resources/attention/support that she had and not have the help matter?

3) If this is how it played out for an uber talented super star, what does that have to say about how it plays out for millions of everyday people everywhere?

Millions of everyday people everywhere.

4) And how does/should/could a happening like this change how it plays out for millions of everyday people everywhere?

Because, really.

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George Mann said...

In the so-called war on drugs, how is it that super stars get a daily supply and none of their suppliers are ever caught? Nicole, you have raised some eye opening questions which basically move us to ask; common sense could have prevented this, are we that motivated by accumulation of the dollar so human life is reduced to being of no value?