Monday, January 23, 2012

What am I missing? [Things we have seen before]

Last Friday, Apple announced, among other things, iBooks Author.

Essentially, as Microsoft Word is to Documents, iBooks Author is to highly interactive iPad iBooks.

I say iPad iBooks because a book created using the iBooks Author software can only be read on an iPad. And can only be sold via the Apple App Store.

There is a great deal of hubbub and ire over this, and as I look into it more and more, I become convinced that I must be missing something.

Because, really.

As far as I can tell, and as highlighted in the HuffPo article above, the restrictions are applied to "work you create using this software." iBooks Author is a sophisticated piece of software that puts the equivalent of hours and hours of highly skilled programming in the hands of anyone who can understand the "Drag and drop" concept. I'mma bet you a good deal of money that the product you create for FREE, unless you are one of the developers of - no, even if you are one of the developers of iBooks Author is going to look NOTHING like what you can create using the (also FREE) software in the same amount of time. On an iPad, interactivity, easy of use, flow - essentially HOW it leverages the medium - could be argued as essential to the value of the product.

So, what I'm missing, is why is this awful? Also, why is this not simply awesome? Also, if you don't agree with is why wouldn't you just go on your merry way?

And perhaps most importantly, this isn't about content. Well, it is, secondarily. It's about DISTRIBUTION. Remember that thing back in the day that popped up and could only be played in certain software on certain hardware and people were like "no way, I'm against that, I'm not going to participate in that."

Right. iTunes.

Because, really.

[and I really am wondering if I'm missing something. So please, lay it out for me if I am.]

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