Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh, come on now, CBS [Someone's paying good money for this]

Tonight on Facebook from CBS:

then -

then -

Seriously? Don't try to be all "I'm your friend, it's social media!" with me by using "cut and paste insert show here."

Let's turn this into a teachable moment, shall we?

1. Um, you are a major network. Perhaps, just perhaps some people watch more than one of your shows and therefore have more than one in their newsfeed.

2. The whole social networking thing is about relationship marketing. This would indicate different and appropriate "personalities" for each property. Using the caption hook for all of them is fine, but the cut and paste "personality" on the front and back does the opposite of personalizing when seen in triplicate.

3. If you wanted to blatantly use the same hook for all your shows, you could just own it - "Sunday evening, weekend winding down and nothing to do? Over at we're doing the TV show equivalent of getting out the scanner - help us out with some captions - at least this time you know you won't be surprised with a tag of you in your 3rd grade play..." The show brand is part of the post, so you don't need the awkward [insert character] references. Then, the third time I see it I'm maybe three times intrigued instead of three times annoyed.

4. Timing is everything. Because you should be thinking about the fact that people are likely to be fans of more than one show, pacing them out a bit wouldn't be a bad idea (see first half of last sentence of #3 above).

And the smiley face at the end really just adds insult to injury - "look how casual and familiar I'm being as I totally fake being casual and familiar!"

Because, really.

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